Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 39

Well, I'm still going strong on day 39 of my juice fast, which means I have 21 days left. Tomorrow will be my  2/3 point. I must say that in many ways the time has flown by.
I am down 33 pounds as of this morning. It's funny, that's a lot of weight to have lost in 39 days...and yet  I think I've gotten so used to it that I am wishing it was dropping faster.
I do miss eating. I live in NYC and it's Spring so all the restaurants have their doors and windows open. Believe me when Itell you, it smells amazing. Last night after leaving a wonderful play we walked by so many tantalizing smells. I hadn't juiced since breakfast so I was feeling a bit peckish, to say the very least. Then we stopped by the Columbus Circle Whole Foods Market to pick up a few items and that was yet another test of my willpower. But I passed with flying colors and went home and made my favorite juice to which I added one TBSP of Bragg's Raw live apple cider vinegar. What a delicious treat!
My fiance usually will juice for breakfast and lunch and then eats dinner. Often, I will cook for him, which believe it or not actually helps curb my urge to eat...don't know why.
I'm still feeling great. I'm trying to vary the juices I drink in order to get the most nutrients, but have my favorites and I  find myself wanting those most often.
Well that's all for now...later!

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