Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 60-and Beyond

The finish line! I DID IT! Sixty days of a raw juice fast...YES! I have lost forty-six pounds, I feel GREAT and now I am living the raw vegan lifestyle!
My very first meal (truly a break-fast) was watermelon.-just a tiny bit, I got full really fast.
For lunch I had Romaine lettuce boats filled with cucumber slices, avocado slices, and my own homemade mango salsa. YUM!
Then for dinner, my Sweetie took me to Quintessence to celebrate. Quintessence is a raw vegan restaurant in the East Village here in NYC. WOW!! Deliciousness!!! To start, we ordered chips and dips (raw flax crackers and raw corn chips-wonderful- served with a yummy guacamole and an amazing tomato salsa that had the perfect amount of kick to it.)  Then we shared a seaweed salad-so good! I ordered the zucchini noodles with an olive mushroom sauce and my Honey ordered  the Indian platter. Both were scrumptious. We shared everything and finished off splitting a piece of raw pecan pie that blew our socks off! 
However, I may have overdone it a bit. I am feeling a bit under the weather from all that rich deliciousness today. Nevertheless, I am very glad for the experience! Today will be all light fare--and yes, all raw vegan!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 50

It's day FIFTY and I'm still in this thing for the long haul. As of this morning, I have lost 39.5 pounds. I still have plenty of energy to get through my day-which includes at least 30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weight training.
Traveling to NH over the holiday weekend was a bit challenging, but I made it through with flying colors. Packing and unpacking my Breville juicer and shopping for vegetables...well, lets just say that I did a little bit of water fasting rather than juice fasting over the weekend -just for convenience sake.
I will eat a mostly raw vegan diet after the fast and I have already begun to build my raw kitchen with a few small purchases of a spiraler and a mandolin. My next big purchase will be a Vitamix and then a little later I will purchase a dehydrator. I've also started to purchase a few small raw goodies at the market whenever I go to get my juicing veggies-just so it's not a whopping bill when I start eating again.
I've purchased some chia seeds, namo shoya, and some nutritional yeast (I know this is not a raw food.)
My next small purchases will be some Raw coconut oil and some raw cacao. Then a bag or so of different kinds of raw nuts whenever I'm shopping.
So what will I eat for my first few meals after 60 days of juice only?
Here are some options:
Day one: a green smoothie in the morning, guacamole with crudites for lunch and maybe a banana at night.
Day Two: juice in the morning, kale salad for lunch, and an avocado at night.
Day three: watermelon in the morning, zucchini pasta with cashew Alfredo sauce for lunch, a green smoothie at night.
Anyway, it all sounds delicious to me and I am really starting to think about eating again as the days wind down...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 42

When I stepped on the scale this morning I was down a total of 35 pounds since the start of my juice fast. I was so excited that I grabbed the jeans, that have been to small for over a year now, put them on and ZIPPED THEM UP!!! YAY!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 39

Well, I'm still going strong on day 39 of my juice fast, which means I have 21 days left. Tomorrow will be my  2/3 point. I must say that in many ways the time has flown by.
I am down 33 pounds as of this morning. It's funny, that's a lot of weight to have lost in 39 days...and yet  I think I've gotten so used to it that I am wishing it was dropping faster.
I do miss eating. I live in NYC and it's Spring so all the restaurants have their doors and windows open. Believe me when Itell you, it smells amazing. Last night after leaving a wonderful play we walked by so many tantalizing smells. I hadn't juiced since breakfast so I was feeling a bit peckish, to say the very least. Then we stopped by the Columbus Circle Whole Foods Market to pick up a few items and that was yet another test of my willpower. But I passed with flying colors and went home and made my favorite juice to which I added one TBSP of Bragg's Raw live apple cider vinegar. What a delicious treat!
My fiance usually will juice for breakfast and lunch and then eats dinner. Often, I will cook for him, which believe it or not actually helps curb my urge to eat...don't know why.
I'm still feeling great. I'm trying to vary the juices I drink in order to get the most nutrients, but have my favorites and I  find myself wanting those most often.
Well that's all for now...later!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 29

It's day 29! Tomorrow will be my halfway point. I am down 24 lbs. and two sizes. That's great, but unfortunately my weight loss seems to be stuck and as I have many more pounds I'd like to wave bye-bye to...
I am attending the gym five days a week for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise--either the elliptical or the recumbent bike (or both). I also do weight training three times per week and I am trying to live by the "take the stairs" rule of thumb as for lifestyle. I feel great! Loads of energy. Not hungry...much! However, food does smell amazingly delicious!
My plan is to follow a  mostly raw, vegan diet after the fast. Then I plan to do another and another fast until I reach my goal weight. I think I will do thirty day fasts in future rather than the sixty.

Favorite juice to date: tomato, celery, lemon, kale, beet, parsley, cilantro, cucumber, carrot with a tiny sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt--So YUMMY!!

Worst juice to date: turnip, apple, kale-YUCKY!

I'm not fond of daikon radish either. Although more because of the odor than the taste.
That's all for now--catch you later.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Still a Loser

Still juicing--Day 25 and down 24.5 pounds as of this morning. Wahooooo! I'm off to the gym!