Friday, April 13, 2012


Here I go...

I woke up at 6:00 AM as planned. I made a conscious decision to go to bed early (10:15 PM) And I had decided last night that I wanted a bit of time in the morning to meditate and time to prepare my juice for the day without the stress of rushing to get to work.
After meditation, I weighed in, took a shower, got dressed and then headed to the kitchen to prepare the first official juice meal of my 60 day juice fast.

Juice for Breakfast and Lunch
-all organic
1 pink grapefruit - rind removed, white pith left on
1 lemon
1 lime
1 orange - rind removed, white pith left on
4 carrots
2 heads romaine lettuce
1 small bunch Italian parsley
2 apples

This juice is delicious but a bit fruitier than I would normally prepare. I didn't have many greens in the house and will go to Whole Foods tonight to prepare for the weekend.
8:00 AM- 8 oz juice and herbal tea
10:00 AM -I felt a little hungry when I arrived at the office so I had another 8 oz juice and another cup of  tea

So how do I feel -- I feel GREAT! I'm not really hungry, but I am definitely aware that I am not eating-It's the habit of eating I'm missing more than the actual food.

Starting weight: CFF (Sorry guys this is nobody elses business but my own and so this is my own personal code.)
Starting B/P: 135/78  (This is a bit high for me. I'm usually around 120/70...hmmmm...)
Mood (1-10): Great :) 8
Hunger(1-10): Somewhat hungry 6

Noon: Herbal Tea
1:00 PM Gym- 40 minutes recumbent bike

My workout was fantastic. I had lots of energy and going to the gym really knocked out any hunger pangs I had before going. I have a slight headache, but otherwise feel great!

2:30 PM 8 oz. juice and large mug Bancha Tea.

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